Cabinet Chic

Grow a Friendly Space


This design inspiration concept lends itself to a family garden design. The cabinet from which it draws inspiration from was built in 1695, at a time when the notion of ‘promenading ‘ was in its infancy. The notion of seeing and being seen shaped many landscapes throughout the 1700s.  It is an idea which is still influencial today and it can provide a useful platform for a family garden design.

Other Design Inspirations come from Two small slate paved patios provide hardGarden design inspired by pre-Georgian cabinet standing for either cafe style dining, or as a base for utility items such as a sandpit or storage. Both patios are joined to a ‘promenade’ style pathway, which lead around the edge of the garden. The centre of the garden contains a large  lawn, with planting beds along each side boundary. The pathway leads to a large slate patio at the back of the space, ideal for dining. Two large timber structures act as dividers and echo the uniformity of the drawers on the writing bureau.

Another Design Inspirations is the backdrop to this patio, and main garden feature, is a pod- or den-like structure constructed from timber. The structure contains a fire pit and features a drop down decking drawbridge to provide offers total seclusion and privacy when desired. This outdoor ‘room’ could be put to a variety of uses, from spare room to gym,  office to playroom, the only limitations are the budget and imagination.