Drawing the Drawers

Grow a Friendly Space



This urban Garden Design Inspirations concept drawing is influenced by a bold and quirky pair of ruby red platform high heel shoes created by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Like the shoes themselves the garden design uses big, elegant curves to produce a three dimensional space with several levels. Shaped like a giant shoe, the garden features a raised, formed concrete platform finished with pebble mosaic to provide texture. The centre of this raised platform will feature a section of slate paving laid in a diamond formation with large pebble inlay to create a quilt-like appearance. A rose shaped water fountain will provide a focal point to the space.

Garden Design concept drawing inspired by Vivienne Westwood shoesA sweeping, preformed concrete ‘heel’ will grow organically from the rear of the raised platform. This Garden Design Inspirations Shaped like a deformed arch, this pergola structure will be covered with a living sedum roof to add a splash of colour and texture. The ground beneath the arch will be paved with slate laid in a diamond ‘quilted’ pattern to echo the surface of the platform above. The space beneath the arch will feature a love seat swing, and will be made private with the addition of pearl drop hanging curtains across both ends of the structure.

Formal box hedging within a rich red and black hued planting scheme that includes elegant peonies and black iris will add to the highly sculpted, opulent feel to the design.