Drawing the Drawers

Grow a Friendly Space

The concept for this Garden Design Inspirations design comes from the geometric hotchpotch of this highly original Dutch chest of drawers. The united chaos of the piece inspires a central garden courtyard comprising a series of interconnected oblongs of different surface materials, some running parallel, others at right angles, to create a multi textured surface displaying a variety of garden design and build techniques. Multiple landscaping materials, including rich Iroko decking, herringbone brick paving, sandstone flagstones, unusual concrete ‘wavy’ paving, decorative aggregate, ornate pebble mosaic rugs and sunken railway sleepers, abut each other to create an eclectic tapestry of form and colour.

Rusted re-enforcing mesh and wooden trellis screens running along selected edges of the multi-textured patio give the garden height, creating interest in 3 dimensions, while masking sections of the garden off to create a sense of intrigue and journey through the space. Lush planting surrounds the central courtyard to create an intimate, secluded area suitable for contemplation and quiet reflection.