Garden Design Inspirations in a Jam

Grow a Friendly Space


This Garden Design Inspirations design concept sketch would work well in a small urban terrace garden. The inspiration for the garden design is taken from an early 1900s silver and enamel jam dish on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The dish has simple sweeping lines with large, sweeping handles reminiscent of elephant ears, and inspires a garden design built round elegant, gentle curves.

The centre of the garden will feature a concrete disc floor adjoining a curved, flush black slate path with desk board inlay and enclosed on one half by a semi-circular concrete fixed bench seat. A circular table will complete the seating area. The curved, elongated handles of the jam dish is represented in the garden design with a snaking freestanding wall constructed with wire mesh gabions filled with black slate paddlestones. This feature wall will encircle a specimen trees at either end of the garden. Wildflower planting around the edges of the garden will add a swathe of colour.