Layer upon layer

Grow a Friendly Space

Simple is sometimes the key to a good garden design. The bold overlapping blocks of primary colours in this collage by French artist Henri Matisse provide the basis for a garden concept sketch with an emphasis on parties and entertaining.

A succession of interconnected patios, laid in a loose spiral to reflect the snail theme of the Matisse picture, coils through the space. Comprising a series of roughly oblong sections of hardwood decking, Travertine paving and lawn, the flooring would offer ample space to accommodate tables and chairs.

The Matisse collage is very two dimensional but a very flat garden with no vertical focal points can be uninspiring. The addition of a brightly painted raised bed helps to overcome this problem, while a luxurious hot tub covered with a colourful shade sail attached to landscaping poles set in concrete foundations gives the garden further vertical interest. Block planting containing swathes of flora in primary colours ensures that the garden is a cornucopia of visual delight during the sunny party season.

London Garden Design Ideas: concept drawing inspired by Matisse collage


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