Head of a Woman

Grow a Friendly Space

This is a Garden Design Inspirations garden design for a courtyard garden. It reflects the picture ‘Head of a woman’ by Pablo Picasso, in that it is divided into 2 sections. Directly outside the exit and entrance onto the garden there is large singular slab of honed travertine with rounded edges. This leads onto a crescent of Iroko decking which arcs touches the travertine step.

inspiration for Urban garden design

A large oval of Hoggin or self-binding aggregate covers the majority of the floor space in the rest of the garden with a stainless steel rill running down the middle of the oval. This rill feeds a irregular shaped pool which appears to flow under the decking and the rill itself is fed by a wall mounted stainless steel blade. The second half of the garden is a block rendered raised bed painted red to reflect the red of the woman’s jumper in the painting. The bench built into the wall is constructed in decking mimicking the lines of the woman’s hair. A round table and garden parasol reflect the eyes in the image.

Planting in the image will be simply and bold using mainly a selection of sturdy evergreens.