Playing with Style

Grow a Friendly Space

The whimsical nature of this oil painting by artist Julian Trevelian, with its childlike stick-drawing simplicity and interconnected geometric shapes that bring to mind a Heath Robinson invention, inspire a family friendly garden Design Inspirations with an emphasis on fun.

A large sandstone circle patio in the centre of the garden allows ample room for a circular table and chairs, giving children and adults alike a space in which to hold alfresco dinners and afternoon tea parties. Water can lend an extra dimension to any garden, and this design features a rustic mill stone water feature taking pride of place on the circular patio to imbue every dining occasion with the soothing sounds of flowing water.

Adjoining the central patio will be a children’s activity centre designed to inspire countless days of energetic play and make-believe. A bespoke wooden fortress in the corner of the space will act as a launching platform for a metal zip slide which will shoot across a rubber chip mulched play area into a catch net over an outdoor ball pool. A colourful weatherproof tunnel running from the fortress into planting bed connects two areas of the garden and allows for exploration and play.

Garden Design ideas concept drawing inspired by oil painting

Various decorative frippery give the garden a circus, carnival feel, including colourful weatherproof bunting, vivid weather socks and clusters of shiny ‘stargazer’ stainless steel balls nestling within the planting beds.