Sphereing in all directions

Grow a Friendly Space

This striking polyurethane garden egg chair is highly evocative of the space age design that was so popular at the time it was created in the late 1960s. As the chair’s design is so organic and fluid, our London garden design avoids angles at all costs and concentrates on curves and circles throughout.

A sunken, hardwood deck clad conversation pit, a feature redolent of 1960s interior design, provides an intimate solution for informal entertaining. Adjoining this is a small circular patio, enclosed by the arcs of a 360o wrought iron arbour.

Leading on from this patio will be two ornate pebble mosaic circles, each accommodating an outdoor ball chair similar to the piece from which the inspiration for the design is taken. The main focal point of the garden, taking pride of place at the back of the space, is a luxury, hi-spec rotating orb lounger. Constructed from stainless steel, safety glass and warm hardwood timber, this lounger can be rotated to follow the sun.

The spherical theme is strengthened by a planting scheme featuring box balls and alliums. Clusters of stainless steel spheres of various sizes are spread throughout the planting beds, alongside large weather proof polyethylene globe lights.

London Garden Design: concept drawing inspired by '60s Garden Egg Chair

London Garden Design: concept drawing inspired by ’60s Garden Egg Chair

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