Ideas for Garden design lighting- Light up!

garden design

This garden takes inspiration from ‘standard lamp’ by Sigfried Giedion. Slick simple lines combined with the reflective quality of aluminium are elements that we can drawn upon to create a Garden design lighting modern garden suitable for a young couple.

Ideas for Garden design lighting- Light up!


A curved triangular raised bed to the left of the space will create the backdrop for a formal dining area. A long bespoke aluminium bench will be attached to the front of the white rendered bed, representing in profile the top of the standard lamp. The seat will be complemented with an oval table and arced freestanding bench to create ample dining space. The area will be paved with rectangular white travertine tiles laid on a diagonal. The front of this patio will be outlined by a series of illuminated pvcu planters installed along the patio edge.


A sunken stainless steel rill will run diagonally along the length of the garden, terminating in a stainless steel pool next to the patio. The rill is fed by a stainless steel water blade mounted on a wall at the far end of the garden.


A white travertine pathway, running parallel to, and abutting, the rill allows the user to traverse the space. The path leads to a permanent lounger, constructed from concrete blocks, and clad with white travertine to create a seamless continuation of the path which draws the eye and gives the space a sense of fluidity.


To either side of this informal lounging area will be a flush flower bed containing simple, low maintenance planting of mainly hardy evergreen shrubs. An artificial lawn in the centre of the space, bisected by the travertine path and framed by the planting beds, gives a low maintenance block of colour which would suit the needs of a young professional couple. Illuminated pvcu columns installed in the left hand bed echo the illuminated planters along the edge of the patio and give a nod to the object that is the inspiration for the design.