London Garden Design Diary – Week 26

Grow a Friendly Space

London Garden Design Company Diary

Katrina undertook a garden design consultation in Berkshire this week. The client was bought a garden design voucher by her mother. She and her family have recently moved in to the property and have just completed the renovation the house interior. Karen, a keen gardener, was really looking forward to the project and was happy to complete the project piecemeal, including growing her own plants from cuttings and seeds. They have decided to commission a Design Package later in the year for them when they are ready to undertake the build part of the project.

Katrina has finished the postal garden design for her clients in Surrey. They started with the basic postal design package but decided to add 3D drawings and a lighting design. The garden design combines a contemporary layout with a wildlife friendly planting scheme. The wish list for the design included a water feature as well as screening from the neighbours whose upper windows overlooked the garden. They are building an extension and wanted to coincide this with a garden design, as the new extension leads onto the garden from 3 exit points across the back of the house. The client also had a particular liking for a fusion between decking and paving as well as requesting a raised planter for vegetables. We think we managed to pack it all in!

Katrina also went on a garden design consultation in Acton. The clients have just moved into the house and are looking for a cottage garden scheme to match their newly discovered enthusiasm for gardening. They have already created a vegetable patch but are stuck as to what to do with the rest of the space.

Another consultation for a garden design in Streatham. This was for a couple looking for some suggestions to spruce up their garden on a limited budget. The garden is currently completely covered with paving, to the clients want to find a way to add interest and division to the space. They have two recently acquired rescue rabbits, which need to be considered in any design, including a vegetable patch and area of grass for the rabbits to run safe and free.

Matt has now started work on updating our web-site until the rain lets up and he can get back on site….

Matt also went to visit a couple of previous clients who needed some minor remedial work done on their garden. Our garden landscape in Harrow needed a replacement light fitting and the terraced garden build in we undertook in Willesden last year required adjustment to couple of deckboards. The client’s son is impressed with our work and aftercare service, and as a result Matt has managed to secure some potential new work, this time on the son’s garden.