London Garden Design Diary – Week 8

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London Garden Design Diary

This week we have been busy compiling quotes. Matt went to see the clients who want to landscape their garden in Leyton. We compiled a competitive quote which we subsequently went on to win. The garden needs a complete overhaul, including a large amount of clearance, railway sleeper raised beds, a new fence, some sandstone paving and lawn. The clients requested that we start work asap – however we are due to start our Brentwood landscaping project next week, so we will probably be available to start this one in early April.

The garden design for Romania has now been completed. The clients will be meeting with a local contractor to start the works, but may require Matt to fly over to complete specialist areas. We have uploaded the whole scheme for you to read the brief, concept and right through to final scheme. We hope the client keeps us updated with photos.

Matt has completed a quote for a landscaping project in Bushey. The design was produced by another garden design company and the client wanted us to quote for the build. We compared favourably with the other contractors who quoted for the project. The client has asked us to make a few tweaks to the budget but it is looking promising.

Due to the lovely change in weather this week Matt has been able to complete his jobs requiring dry days. He went to the west London garden we designed and built last year which required a couple of extra things doing on top of their original specification, including staining the decking, repainting the walls, fixing a fence post and planting a tree. Matt also went back to the Manor House which we partially landscaped last year. The limestone paving in the kitchen garden was colonised by a thick layer of algae, which is a problem right across the whole 2 acre site. Matt has cleaned the algae and wil apply an algae killer to prevent regrowth. He needs to replace a few paving slabs which have been damaged, so will be returning over the next few days to do so.