Unusual Garden Furniture

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Garden furnishing - Sight by Tim Kerp

Unusual Garden furniture. Every so often a great product floats to the surface and this is it. As many of the gardens I design have privacy issues – they are often overlooked by neighbouring houses, roads, even apartment blocks – I am always on the look out for ingenious ways to give a client a little seclusion in a stylish way. Which is why The Sight by Tim Kerp hits the spot. Designed specifically for use in urban environments, to be placed within roof terrace designs or on overlooked balconies, they give the user a private environment with a window onto the vista of their choice.

‘SIGHT is a big white sphere made of woven plastic with an upholstered interior. The innovative balcony furniture was designed as a retreat from the sunlight, noise and bustle of the big city. A window focuses attention to the bright side of life. Trough gently lifting you get SIGHT into the desired position.’

Garden furnishing - interior perspective of Sight by Tim KerpThe inside is fully upholstered with plump cushions so you can relax in luxurious comfort in the most intimate of spaces while the rest of the world carries on around you. Genius.