We have years of experience working on all kinds of garden designs in Dunmow. Our team of skilled individual’s have years of experience working to help redesign local gardens like yours. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a sloped garden in Dunmow.

Garden Design Chelmsford


The clients wanted a flat area they could have seating and entertain guests in the summer while also keeping the natural elements of the garden.

The garden currently slopes up gradually away from the property. The lower level of the slope will be excavated and levelled, a retaining wall will be put in place supporting the higher level of the garden, which will be accessible by a few small steps in the centre of the wall. This levelled area will be transformed into a modern patio with light grey Indian sandstone slabs.

The upper section of the garden will feature a small trickling stream running over rocks following the natural slope down the left side of the garden until it reaches a small water feature pond. The ambient noise created by this water feature will help bring the natural, relaxing elements that the client desires. Alongside the stream there will be many different evergreen grasses, shrubs and succulents.

Loosely following alongside the stream, a path will be laid leading to the top of the garden where there will be a wooden swing chair where you will find the most scenic view of the whole garden.

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