Garden Designer in Essex :Garden of the Month August 2013

garden design

Designed in 2007 this garden sadly never got built as the client moved. However, we thought it worth profiling in the Garden Design of the month as it offered a few solutions to tricky problems and includes some interesting features. The client was looking for a Garden Designer in Essex and this garden design is based on the premise that the client intends to build an extension to the back of the house from the existing dining room.

The user will enter the garden from the proposed extension and step out onto a sandstone ellipse patio.  A winding  hoggin pathway will curve up the left hand side of the garden, snaking around a large elliptical lawn in the middle section of the space.  The lawn area will feature an eye-catching, large stainless steel ball water feature,  installed in the ground to the left  of the hoggin path. This water feature will sit within a bed of creeping thyme, beyond which a sea of decorative aggregate inlaid with individual European Oak decking boards will radiate out towards the  pathway to produce an ornamental, ‘sun-beam’ effect.

Flush level planting beds will surround the oval lawn, planted with a variety of stunning cordylines and phormiums to create a dynamic structure this section of the space. Fragrance and colour will be provided with a selection of lavender hedges, creeping thyme and flowering perennials. Two curved feature walls, rendered and painted a colour of the client’s choice, will stand proud   within the beds at either side of the lawn. The  feature wall in front if the entrance to the second section will provide an effective and attractive screen between the two sections of the garden, adding a sense of intrigue and privacy to the space. The hoggin pathway will give way to a decking pathway, laid with attractive and durable European Oak  smooth planed decking, behind this feature wall that will curve around an oval shaped artificial lawn in the second section of the space.

The second section of garden will benefit from three ellipse patios, each constructed from decking to match the curved path,  constructed at juxtaposed angles to each other to form enticing opportunities for seating in this cloistered area.  To enhance the atmosphere of adventure and discovery in the second section of the garden, planting will be in large-leaved evergreens and plush perennials to create a lush exotic feel. Suitable shade loving planting will provide a layer of ground cover beneath the canopy of the large existing tree, while the planting will be particularly dense around the third decking ellipse in the top left corner of the space to create a secluded, secret ‘den’ feeling to this area..