Garden Designer in London – a hat-trick concept!

garden design

A garden designer in london takes inspiration from many places, even a hat

This concept would suit a Garden Designer in London, where modern simplicity is required.

Bold curved lines inspired by the Art nouveau movement form the patio, constructed with slate slithers stretching diagonally across the space. Deep planting beds packed with box balls echo the pompoms on the jacket and hat from which this garden takes inspiration. The sweeping curves of the decking would be quite difficult to achieve and the framework would take some time to construct . The lawn could be real or artificial depending on the client’s preference for ease of maintenance.

A long arced path bisects two oval lawns and offers the user to a dramatic route through the space to a kooky office pod in the back corner. The spherical structure will give the garden a playful aspect and provide a space suitable for a variety of uses. We are increasingly asked to include multi-functional pod structures in our urban designs are as client expectations grow and require more from their homes where space is often at a premium.