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Garden Designers for Essex & LondonWeek 25

Katrina continues to work on the garden design in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. This garden will be having a raised decked area. She had suggested to the client that railway sleepers might be the solution to combat the high-level drop however the client prefers an open space with stainless steel tension wire. They will be more than happy to sacrifice raised flower beds as the weight on the terrace will be preclusive. The site has been cleared and the framework for the new composite decking constructed. The decking support posts will be concreted into place and the frame installed early next week.

Our garden build in Leytonstone is nearing completion. We have ordered some heavy duty galvanised steel plates to join heavy reclaimed hardwood sleepers together to create long cross beams for a series of arches. Unfortunately, due to the length of the arches and difficulties with access through the house, it was not possible to use single pieces of timber as they would weigh far too much to safely manhandle into site. We will be connecting the timbers by sandwiching two lengths between two steel plates and drilling holes through both lengths of timber and the plates in order to bolt together with 12mm stainless steel threaded rods and nuts. Once installed we will paint the plates with a brown metal paint to make them blend in.

Marcus Harpur has returned to photograph a garden which was completed for couple looking for a garden designer in Walthamstow, East London a couple of years ago, have a look on our Earth Designs Facebook page to see how the planting has developed. Marcus is a fabulous photographer and photographs all of our garden designs for magazines and books.

Our new website build is almost there, and we are looking to launch at the end of this week. Its taken longer than we anticipated but we hope you’ll agree it’ll be worth the wait.

The Echo newspaper is launching a new Lifestyle magazine and Katerina has written a number of gardening articles for it. The first of which will be featured in the August issue.

Don’t forget to check out an Earth Designs garden design and build which is featured in this month’s Real Homes magazine (August issue). The client, from North-East London, were after a garden design that would be child and dog friendly but with space for the family to relax in too. The client came across Earth Designs on the internet and knew Katrina would be able to come up with a design that would suit them perfectly. I think you’ll agree from the pictures, that Katrina and Matt did a fantastic job!