Earth Designs have been working with clients in and around central London for over 20 years . During this time we have developed and grown our team and skills so and have experience in creating, shaping and designing brand new and old gardens of all shapes and sizes. Let us take you through the process we take our clients through which will show why we are one of the most renowned garden design companies in the entirety of London.

The client we are about to walk you through has been living at their home for a number of years and is currently renovating parts of the house. She has loved her garden for years and has always enjoyed the space it currently is. She gets out in all weather all year round however, she is struggling to find new and innovative ways to bring all the work she puts into her garden to life! The client has recently installed a pond within the garden which she would like to retain in the new design. Currently the garden is designed so outside of the back door there is a small area before the garden levels up, this is one of her favourite parts of the garden since its where she carries out all of her socialising when she has friends round so she would actually like to increase the size of this space in the new design. The house design is Edwardian so the client has is keen to make sure that the garden reflects the same level of elegance and style as her home.


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Below you will see that we have divided the space into 3 different sections. The area by the back door is the part we spoke about where we have decided to increase this space so it can be a larger social area. There is a rather impressive timber structure that has been constructed within the centre of the garden space, this will serve as our main focus. This pergola will be clad with horizontal deck boards at one end to create a ‘wall’ to obscure the troublesome outlet pipe. The cladding will continue across 1/3rd of the roof to offer shade to a dining area below.

We have decided the include sandstone slabs to the floor beneath the structure which will include bespoke garden furniture to rest upon it. One end of the garden table and bench will be attached to the timber clad ‘wall’ and the other end will be supported by legs. We are also planning to include a tall stainless steel water feature to the timber pergola to add an element of serenity to the garden. As well as creating an aesthetic focus from within the house, the sound of water gently helps mask the noise of any passing traffic that might be heard from the garden. There will be decorative aluminium chain curtains hanging from the cross beams of the pergola will give the structure a shimmering, fluid appearance and increase the sense of privacy and enclosure within.

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Should they wish, the client has the option to erect a shade sail over the exposed section of the pergola roof which is something that could be a very welcomed feature during the summer time. When designing gardens you have to think about what time of day will have the sun. We have decided tho include a sofa and chairs on the decking platform in the bottom left of the garden for more informal, relaxed entertaining. Of course, adding planting beds around the garden so our client will be able to continue to plant and grow the things she loves is essential while also adding a lovely homely feel to the entire garden. Large and funky globe lights hanging within the pergola will add to the Scandinavian retro atmosphere, while an adult swing with a leaf shaped seat will bring a dose of fun to the space.

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