Garden Designs in Essex and London Diary Week 21

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Garden Designs in Essex and London Diary Week 21

This week Katrina has been busy in the studio this week with over eight designs to design.

One of the designs she has been working on is for a modern Japanese garden design in Thorpe Bay, Essex.

Work continued on the summer house garden in Thorpe Bay. Katrina scheduled a telephone call with the client to discuss setting out the drawings, tackling the structure and specifications on the summer house.

Matt conducted the site survey this week for a garden design in Thorpe Bay, Essex. The couple are looking to give their space a face lift which better reflects their style and taste. It’s quite a complex project as drainage is a particular issue in the garden therefore a good design coupled with good technical build will be required to combat the problem. Matt spent a long time discussing the drainage issues with the client and is now researching the best solution.

This week Matt and the team have been on site at two Leytonstone gardens. The first one, our guys have built postings for archways and laid part of the paving. They’ve also completed a bench table and a built a pizza oven!

The second Leytonstone garden has had paving laid and pointed this week and plants were all bedded in to complete the look. All that remains is the painting of the back wall.

There are two other garden design projects in the pipeline. The first is a garden in Hampstead, North West London which requires a complex courtyard solution.

The second is a garden design in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex which Matt is due to go and assess on Saturday morning. Watch this space!.

Katrina went to visit a couple looking for a garden designer in Brentwood, Essex. They’d had extensive works done to their house and were now looking for the final touches to complete their family home. They have three young children who need to make use of this beautiful garden, yet the adults also want it to feel like a space in which they can relax and kick back. An orangery had recently been built onto the back of the house and the client wanted a design to really show it off. They also need some landscaping to the front of the house which needs to be practical as they pull out onto a busy road.

Earth Designs are nearing the end of their website update. It has been a long process, with over 40 project edits alongside copy photographs. We hope that the website will go live in the next two weeks.

Lastly, we had a new member of staff join us this week. Jo Andrews joined the Earth Designs team on a part-time basis to work mainly in the office but also to be second to site on occasion to help out with planting and build work. Welcome to the team Jo!