Garden Designs in London and Essex Diary – Week 23

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Garden Designs in London and Essex Diary

Katrina went to present a garden design in Thorpe Bay, Essex this week. The design will break the garden down into sections, with dog leg paths leading down the garden. There will be a large patio which will adjoin the house and would offer a lovely space for catching the sun. Matt conducted a survey to the garden and discussed some drainage issues. The client is a keen gardener so the planting scheme will feature many of the plants in raised railway sleeper beds to overcome the drainage problems. The client will go ahead with the build after a kitchen extension which is due to start this month.

Katrina visited a garden design her colleague, Joan Mulvenna in Birmingham this week. Joan, from Garden Design Manchester, is currently building a show garden for Gardeners World Live.

Joan had experienced a number of problems with her contract but with a calm and level head was back on track and the garden was beginning to really look great and take shape.

Katrina and Joan are planning to build an exciting show garden for Hampton court and hopefully Chelsea in a couple of years!

Katrina continued to work on a family garden design in Brentwood, Essex. Katrina provided a setting out drawing to ensure they are happy with all levels of the design. The design included a patio with steps coming from the back of house to lawn. The design also needs to ensure the lawn is large enough for three growing children and a game of football! The client has responded and Katrina is working up the list of points they raised.

Katrina has also worked on a courtyard garden design in North London. The client really favours a yellow, black and grey scheme. Its a small garden space, measuring just 5′ x 3′ so it requires some clever design. The design will feature black slate which will run up the existing wall next to stainless steel rill. To the right of the space a timber frame pergola allows the client to hang various features on and create a den. To the left of the space a rattan sofa will allow for a more adult setting.

Katrina visited a client who are looking for garden designers in Loughton, Essex. The client has a beautiful shady garden built in the grounds of an old vicarage. Two large trees with TPO (tree preservation orders) restricts the design somewhat and makes the garden extremely shady. A combination of materials, heights and layouts offer up a very modern take on the space. The client would like a sofa and a fire pit alongside a dining area in the garden. They need access to the footpath at the rear of the garden as this will provide access to the local shops. Some clever tree seating and feature lighting will makes use of the pretty woodlandesque setting. Kat is waiting to hear whether the client will go ahead with the design.

Katrina is still waiting to hear back from a client who were after a garden design in Thorpe Bay, Essex.

Matt continued to work on two garden builds in Leytonstone, East London. Clearance and paving was installed and some bamboo screening really sees the garden taking shape.

Jo has been working with the website designer for the new look Earth Designs website. We have just a few more tweaks but we should be ready for launch in a week or so.

Jo also did an Earth Designs postcard drop in the local high street in Leigh-on-Sea, so look out for our postcards if you’re in the area!