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Garden fairy lights add a little magic

garden design

Who doesn’t love garden fairy lights? These beauties from Hurn & Hurn are no exception. Sometimes coloured lights can be a bit twee. Nobody wants the garden to look like an amusement park, as fun as they are. White light, warm white light, in fact, is the best colour to show off your garden. However, for these little beauties I’m prepared to make an exception.

Nostalgic garden fairy lights

They are oh-so retro and full of fun, reminding me of lighting that you would have used in your garden 40 years ago. Singing out in primary colours, LED bulbs of red, yellow, blue and green dance along this festoon light that brings a playful edge to your night-time entertainment.

Buyer beware

These lights require three AA batteries, so I would not recommend them to be left outside all year round. Measuring 3.9m, I would suggest they are perfect for a garden party, draped around your gazebo to illuminate the space at night. Safe to use outdoors as well as indoors, they are definitely suited for fun, occasional use rather than to be permanently hardwired into your garden.