Garden firepit – A hot topic

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I often get asked to include a garden firepit or fireplace in my designs. This can be the central feature in a garden, with seating positioned around it, or act as a focal point from a viewpoint, such as a window.

There is something very primeval about sitting around fire. A garden firepit harks back to the days of cavemen. If your anything like my circle of friends, building the campfire is usually the favourite job. Even lighting a BBQ see them clamouring. However, one of the major drawbacks of most fire pits it that they are most aesthetically pleasing when lit at night and during the day they lack the wow-factor. So to find one that looks good even when unlit is a rare.

Garden firepit – A hot topic

I think the Third Rock Fire Pit from Artisan Rick Wittrig is just that.

The firepits are sculpted from carbon steel and individually signed and numbered by the artist.  Each has an iron oxide finish on the outside which will darken slightly with time and then become permanent. The interior is coated with a high temperature resistant paint. Their impressive size and individually crafted spherical design, with cut-outs made to resemble the continents on planet Earth, make them an unusual and unforgettable addition to any garden