Oh my, oh my, I stumbled across this garden furniture by Arena garden furniture and it was love at first sight. Part Beijing olympic ‘birds nest’, part Guadi’s Parc Guell, in a retro garden design this would be king! I love the conversation pit style reminiscent of the 1960s.

Circular shapes are known for being more sociable than squares. King Arther knew it to be true, and it is the reason that banqueting tables are usually round. Yet ask any designer about a curved design and they may respond with a wince, as curves, arcs and circles are always harder to construct and therefore complex, curvy garden designs can be much more expensive for a client.

Unfortunately, this stunning furniture is no exception, and at $10,000 is likely to be out of many budgets. It is a shame – if I had the money and the space, I would definitely have one of these. Made from weatherproof rattan with outdoor cushions, the modular design means that it can be used in a variety of formations to suit the space or the occasion.