Garden furniture can make or break garden design. It immediately identifies where in the garden you would like to spend time. Quality pieces of furniture elevate a space with jawdropping results. And none more so with these fabulous swing chairs from Kodama Zomes.

Garden furniture that really makes a statement

Garden furniture that really makes a statement

Making a statement

Adding in a cracking piece of furniture can take your garden to the next level. None more so than Kodama Zomes’ revolutionary hammock. Bold and inviting, it allows you to customise your own design and choose which fabric, in which colour you may prefer. Fabulous for injecting some colour into the space or keeping classic and neutral with grey and brown tones that are on offer.

Furniture as art

It is no secret that many gardens require a focal point, often in the form of water features or specimen plants. In a small garden however, sometimes things need to be multipurpose, and with a product such as this, it can really turn things around. Attention grabbing, and yet hugely practical, it claims to comfortably fit 4 adults. These geodesic dome is our naturally found in geometry and I’m known for their strength.They are quite large, so may require a dedicated hard surface water themselves. Often positioned on the large trees, this may be preclusive in a small space. However, if you fancy extra bit of wham bam do your space, this could be well worth it.

Healing properties

I’m like hammocks, the current Dharma zones handsome one overhead points, thereby creating an unrestricted motion. This claims to soothe the vestibular system. I think this is perfect for family garden, where the children, and the child in all adults, can enjoy the swinging motion either alone, Or with company.Customer is claiming that children have used it as a jungle gym, a fort, a tent and even used it for sleepovers.