Garden furniture: Sitting down for greens

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Whilst I am the first for a whimsical piece of garden furniture, I often wonder how practical some of it is. When you have a small garden, space for frippery and flounce has to be shelved in favour of practical style. However this great bit of garden furniture from Bysteel brings both to the, er, table. Described by the manufactures as cool, creative and comfortable, these Canopo Tables are made from white matt aluminium and combine outdoor seating with a floral centrepiece.

Unusual patio furniture for garden design

They are made from recycled material, thereby making them more environmentally healthy than your average plastic garden table, and together with the Eneo and Sirkel tables, offer a range to suit every taste. The possibilities for planting are endless, from sedums to trees, annual bedding to herbs, the only limit is your imagination.