When I first saw this piece of garden furniture I had my doubts. How do you sit on it and, once you have, how do you get comfy? What about the dismount? I was thinking this could only be placed in a fancy, no backbone, concept garden design… but how wrong I was!

Once you see the video of this unusual chair in action you get it. Beautifully crafted with a bentwood frame, this shallow garden seat offers  a unique sitting experience: ‘The design of shallow swing builds on such feelings of lightness. The filigree form language of this structure, suitable for sitting or rocking, was inspired by the idea of petals on a lawn. Shallow swing is an elegant yet stable piece of garden furniture that is as at home indoors as outside. Its basic structure is a generously sized wooden frame covered with fabric‘

 It is a simple piece of statement furniture that is practically guaranteed to become a talking point wherever it is used.