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Garden Design in Hadleigh


The clients have lived in this home for several years and are now turning their attention is to their garden. The existing fences are in good condition and the space is currently relatively clear with a large lawn and some planting. There is a row of tall conifers at the end of the garden which the client would like removed, however they are keen to ensure that this does not compromise privacy in the space. The client intends to extend the back of the property, which should be taken into account in the new design. The design brief is for a family-friendly garden that caters for adults and children in equal measures.


An Indian sandstone patio will be laid adjoining the proposed extension, set on a wide curve and featuring a sandstone circle inlay. The circle and curved patio will be edged with black limestone setts. A curved pathway constructed from black limestone setts will sweep up through the garden from the left side of the patio to join a large sandstone circle in the bottom right of the space. The path will bisect two oval lawns – the first, larger, lawn will be laid with real turf, the second, smaller, lawn will feature luxury artificial grass. Both lawns will be edged with limestone setts. A rendered block raised bed adjoining the main patio to the right of the path will showcase four stainless steel balls nestled in a block planting scheme consisting solely of lavender.

One of the steel balls will be a 700 mm water feature. A large, wedge shaped flush planting bed will separate the two lawns, the entrance to which will be defined by a series of circular timber arches positioned over the limestone pathway. The large 4m diameter sandstone circle at the back of the garden will feature a chunky pergola structure which could support a garden swing seat. The back left of the space is the children’s area, which is will be mulched with durable rubber chippings for safety. This area will feature a Tepee and children’s play equipment. A series of coloured Perspex panel and stainless steel mesh screens will help to mask this area while adding interest and intrigue to the overall design. One of the Perspex screens will be backed with exterior ply and painted with blackboard paint. Silver birch trees will be planted along the back in place of the existing conifers to aid privacy.

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