Garden Mirrors – Reflecting around the space

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Garden Mirror - Double Window Ajar

Garden Mirror – Double Window Ajar

Garden Mirrors are a great way to add an extra dimension to your garden space, especially if it is on the small side, and these illusion mirrors from Cuca Casa  are a great example.

The Gothic Framed Trellis Mirror might add the illusion of space and create extra light in an external stairwell for instance.

A kitchen garden may benefit from the addition of a ‘Window and Box’ Mirror, which is an ideal place to grow some herbs.

Garden Mirrors - Gothic Style

Garden Mirrors – Gothic Style

Often our gardens are hemmed in by walls or fences as we chase that all important privacy.  However, this can lead to a sense of isolation and make a garden feel small and cramped. Placing a window mirror next to a door or gate can give the impression that the space is more open than it really is. With all mirrored materials, when positioning them it is important to consider what will be reflected.  Encouraging planting to grow around and over the mirror can soften it and make the effect more realistic.

What they say at Cuca Casa:

“Great Illusions can be created with these garden mirrors. Make your garden bigger and more interesting, with these eye catching mirrors. Acrylic Shatterproof Mirror, is stronger than glass, highly reflective, and great for the garden, its lightweight and easy to put up.”

Garden Mirror - Window Box

Garden Mirror – Window Box