London Garden Design Before Shot 1

London Garden Design Before Shot 1


This London garden design includes an existing decommissioned swimming pool gives this design scope to play with exciting level changes in the space.

The ground level sections of the garden will be traversed by softwood decking paths, which will intersect a series of small patios comprised of a sandstone paved circle bordered by a gravel infill within a square railway sleeper frame. The largest of these patios at the rear of the garden will house a wrought iron gazebo to give the area a sense of height, privacy and seclusion. Where the decked pathway doglegs across the sunken section of the garden it will continue at the ground level supported on round landscaping pole supports. The sunken garden itself will be accessed via a set of curved decked steps leading down between two curved rendered block raised beds. To the right hand side at the bottom of the steps will be an informal seating area comprising a curved rendered block bench and kidney shaped decked table. A major feature of this area will be a bespoke swinging bed seat hanging over a decorative glass aggregate bed from beneath the decked walkway overhead. This section will be framed along the end wall by a straight raised bed decorated with orange glass ‘metro’ tiles. The client’s existing block paving will be utilised in the side garden, with a flooring consisting of a series of interconnecting square and rectangular paths/patios edged in block paving and in-filled with gravel.

London Garden Design Before Shot 2

London Garden Design Before Shot 2 

The largest of these gravel sections afford enough space to accommodate a table and chairs if desired. The final section of the sideway leading to the gate will be laid with block paving in a pattern to match the driveway at the front of the house.

Planting in the space will comprise a back drop of climbers and evergreen shrubs, with swathes of colour provided by these and a collection of perennials.  The sunken garden will feature willowy bamboo in the tiled raised bed beneath the decked walkway at one end and moisture-loving Rodgersia with Loosestrife and Bergamot.  The area behind the gazebo will become a ‘wild’ area with the addition of shrubs especially chosen to attractive to wildlife.

Finally, the existing fences will be stained throughout to provide a uniform and attractive backdrop to the space.

London Garden Design Perspective Visual

London Garden Design Perspective VisualLondon Garden Design Plan

London Garden Design Plan

Clearance and preparation
To comprise:
~ Remove and clear swimming pool cover including timber frame, debris and liner
~ Pump out rainwater from pool as necessary
~ Remove existing planting, with exception of tree on boundary
~ Remove existing paths and patios, including barbeque structure
~ Remove general garden waste
~ Install sunken sump and automatic activation drainage pump* at lowest point in swimming pool floor, including pump installation
by qualified electrician. This will necessitate the removal of a small section of the swimming pool’s concrete floor.
~ Waste disposal (skip hire (multiple))
Labour for above
Sandstone Circle Feature Paving
Install various feature patios as per design:
~ 3 x Raj Green Sandstone Circles (1 @ 2160mm dia, 1 @ 3030mm dia and 1 @ 3900mm dia), each with a gravel surround retained
within a square railway sleeper border
To comprise:
~ Excavate areas to be paved to depth of approx. 150mm – 175mm below finished level of paving
~ Install sandstone circles on 100mm thick compacted hardcore base
~ Install railway sleeper edging and stain
~ Install gravel in-fill on weed suppressing membrane (approx. 50mm gravel bed thickness)
All materials for above
* Paving to be laid on full mortar bed (min. 25mm thick). Mortar joint sizes in paved circles will by necessity vary.
NOTES: Quoted cost does not include disposal of excavated waste, as it is assumed that this will be used to partially fill proposed
raised beds in sunken area
Gravel and Block Brick Path
Install gravel pathways with block brick edging as per design:
~ Excavate areas to be paved to depth of approx. 150mm – 175mm below finished level of path
~ Install block paver edging on sharp sand mortar bed (minimum 75mm thick)
~ Level soil within each edged section and compact
~ Install weed suppressing membrane within each section
~ Install gravel dressing at approximately 50mm thick to finish
All materials for above
Disposal of excavated waste
NOTES: Quoted cost does not include disposal of excavated waste, as it is assumed that this will be used to partially fill proposed
raised beds in sunken area
Construct softwood decking pathways, steps and patios as per design:
~ Decking pathway 1000mm wide to cover approx. 15 lineal metres, including approx. 4 lineal metres on timber supports across
sunken area
~ Curved decking steps approx 1000mm wide to cover approx. 4 lineal metres
~ Decked patio in sunken area approx. 5000mm x 4000mm
To comprise:
~ 145mm x 22mm softwood decking boards (grooved) to cover approx 45 sq. metres (including fascia on path/walkway and step risers)
~ Construct frame from pressure treated ground contact timber
~ Install pressure treated timber support posts in concrete foundations (upper garden pathway only)
~ Install concrete decking piers to support frame (sunken garden only)
~ Install 7 x (150mm round) landscaping pole support posts in sunken garden (secured in pool concrete base with stainless steel
re-enforcing rods) to support overhead walkway. Poles to form newel posts for safety rail on walkway. 100mm round posts to be used as
intermediate newel posts.
~ Galvanised steel joist hangers to hang frame
~ Climatec coated structural screws to secure frame to posts
~ Exterior deck screws to fix boards
~ Weed suppressing membrane (where necessary (i.e. under decked path))
~ Stain all visible faces of deck stain/platform with decking stain (client to choose colour)
~ Decorative aggregate for cut-out beneath swing-seat
All materials for above
Board direction as per design
All boards to be laid with expansion joints of not more than 10mm
All screws to be countersunk
NOTES: Quoted cost does not include disposal of excavated waste (post foundations), as it is assumed that this will be used to partially fill
proposed raised beds in sunken area
Rendered curved raised bed and seating
Construct curved raised beds with curved fixed bench seating and oval decking table as per design. Raised beds to begin at ground level
at the end closest to the house and will gradually taper down to a height of 1 metre in the sunken garden.
To comprise:
~ Construct curved raised bed retaining walls from high density concrete blocks.  Drainage pipes to be installed at bottom
of retaining walls to prevent beds becoming waterlogged.
~ Construct curved bench seat approx. 500mm high as per design. Seat top to be finished in smooth concrete.
~ Render visible faces of raised bed walls and bench seat with waterproof render. Flexible render bead to be used to achieve smooth,
chip free lines. Rear face of raised bed retaining walls to be rendered down to 300mm below top of wall to allow for settling of soil.
~ Line beds with waterproof membrane
~ Fill beds with soil*
~ Paint raised beds and bench seat. Client to choose colour
~ Construct kidney-shaped coffee table from deck boards. To be stained to match decking.
Labour for above
*See notes in next section below for details.
Raised bed and sunken garden walls
Construct raised bed (1000mm high x 1000mm deep x 4000mm long ) as per design. To comprise:
~ Construct raised bed retaining wall across back of sunken garden as per design. Wall to be constructed from high density concrete
blocks.  Drainage pipes to be installed at bottom of retaining walls to prevent beds becoming waterlogged.
~ Tile visible face of raised bed wall with coloured glass ‘metro’ style tiles using flexible exterior tile adhesive bed. Proposed glass tiles
are suitable for exterior use. Quoted cost includes tiling the rear of the retaining wall down to 300mm below the top to allow for any
settling of the soil over time.
~ Line bed with waterproof membrane
~ Fill bed with soil*
~ Paint walls of sunken garden (i.e. existing sides of the swimming pool). Client to choose colour
Labour for above
PLEASE NOTE: It is assumed that soil taken from excavations during construction of other areas of the garden (e.g paving) will be
used to partially fill the raised beds. This will be supplemented with bought-in topsoil to make up the short fall. If the design or scope of
works is subsequently changed by the client (e.g. paving amounts reduced) this may alter the quantity of excavated soil available to fill
the beds, which in turn will alter the required quantity of bought-in soil. Any such changes may alter the quoted cost.
Similarly any alterations to the design or scope of the raised beds may alter soil and waste disposal costs.
~ Stain existing fences with dark brown exterior wood preserver
~ All materials for above
~ Labour
Supply and install plants to all beds as per planting list in supplied design presentation. To include:
~ Plants
~ Decorative bark chips to mulch planting beds (@ approximately 50mm thick)
~ Soil conditioner (chicken manure)
~ Labour prepare beds and install plants
Various lighting and electrical installation. To comprise:
~ 56 x low voltage lights for all planting beds
~ 6 x stainless steel eyelid lights for risers of steps to sunken garden
~ 6 x weatherproof string lights (4 for wrought iron gazebo, 2 for underside of decked walkway over sunken garden)
~ 2 x stainless steel bollards to install on railway sleeper edging of sandstone circle closest to the house
All necessary connectors, lamps (bulbs) and transformers for fittings
All electrical installation materials*, to include RCD, armoured cabling, weatherproof switch**, etc
Electrical installation by qualified electrician***
Labour to manually install fittings
* All electrical materials to be suitable for exterior use and rated to at least IP65 where appropriate
** Lighting to run on one single circuit,  i.e. controlled by a single switch (all lights come on together). The exact location of the switch will be
determined on site and may be dependent on the recommendations of the electrician
*** A copy of the appropriate NICEIC Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate will be given to the client on completion of the work
PLEASE NOTE (1): Wherever possible, all cabling and junction boxes will be hidden. However, due to wiring regulations and the nature
of some of the materials used, in some cases this may not be possible and some cables, boxes, etc may be visible. These will be made
as inconspicuous and sympathetic with the style and finish of the garden as possible.
PLEASE NOTE (2): The above specifications and quoted price for the work is dependent on the existing interior electrical installation
being safe and suitable for the addition of further wiring/fittings (for example the main consumer unit must be must be properly earthed). If it
becomes apparent during installation that the existing electrical installation is unsafe/unsuitable for purpose then Earth Designs may be
unable to complete the exterior installation (i.e. Earth Designs may be unable to connect the installation to the mains power or issue a
certificate) until the client has undertaken the necessary remedial work. The cost of any necessary remedial works are not included in the
quoted price above. It remains the responsibility of the client to organise and contract any necessary remedial work, although Earth
Designs may administrate/organise this for the client at additional cost on request.
Swing Seat
Construct swing seat as per design. To comprise:
~ Construct flat decked ‘seat’ (1500mm x 2000mm) and stain to match decking
~ Suspend seat from underside of overhead walkway with stainless steel chain
~ Labour and all materials to construct
Supply and install various features as per design. To comprise:
~ Ornamental Wrought Iron Gazebo 3000mm high x 2000mm diameter
~ Heavy Cast Iron Chimnea with Cooking Grid 1300mm high x 640mm diameter
~ Marigold Indian Garden Parasol


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