Arching Over You

Grow a Friendly Space

These contemporary garden arches are handmade by award winning designer and blacksmith Alex Moore:  Ideal for positioning over a garden pathway, perhaps to form a tunnel.  Constructed from steel we think they would look at home in a traditional garden as well as contemporary, with plants growing up them or left naked!

Here’s what they have to say at Moore Designs:

“Graceful and sturdy, our simple garden arch designs are handmade by us in extra thick steel. Their unfussy styles complement any style of garden and are strong enough to support even the largest climbing plant. Both designs are beautiful as well as functional, allowing you to enjoy their sweeping shapes even during the winter months.

Choose from two different finishes for your arch, a protective galvanised, or rustic oxidised steel. Both finishes are wonderfully plant-friendly. Their rough surfaces allow plants to grip easily and their colours blend beautifully with nature’s extensive palette. There’s no time consuming maintenance with our arches either, after all gardening is hard enough as it is. Both arches can be made with plates at the base if they are to be used as flower or florist arches indoors.”