No time for Sleeper Stone

Grow a Friendly Space

Sleeper Stones offer a less slippery solution for Garden Pathway

Pathway surfacing above all needs to be safe. Whilst railway sleepers make a great option for paving, they do have a tendency en masse to be a little slippery, so those clever people at Living Stone have come up with this great alternative.

The paving could be used to pave a seating area or alternatively set at intervals into a decorative aggregate, this option makes an attractive informal pathway.  The informal appearance of sleepers makes them a versatile material in the garden, at Earth Designs we have used them to construct raised beds, tables and benches.

The sleepers are available in three lengths and can be bought online and delivered for a very reasonable rate.

Living Stone describes their products as such:

“The Living Stone paving range offers endless opportunity for patio design and character to be reflected in your garden landscaped area.  Living Stones’ Sleeper paving gives the appearance of genuine timber sleepers.  It can be used for paved areas, edging or upright to create raised beds or a wall with a difference.”