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Garden Patio Design Makeover

If you want a garden patio design makeover, but don’t have the time or money to go for a full on overhaul, try these handy hints in our Garden Design Bible in our blogs, to jazz it up in no time at all. With a little planning, and a few pounds, you can totally transform your patio space in a couple of hours without breaking sweat. It can become the perfect party place in a jiffy.


Garden Patio Design

Add a mirror to the dark corner to give it lift. Not only will it reflect the space beyond, but will also bounce light around making your space seem fresher.

Top tip: Put a plant in front of it to double up on your greenery and impact.

Add wall art

Garden Patio Design

Consider adding some wall art to your garden patio design.  It will create interest in seconds and can be easily changed if you get bored. There are many companies who do outdoor campuses; all you need to do is select a high resolution image. Choose the colour that compliments or matches your interior so that you can create flow through to the garden.


Garden Patio Design

Consider cladding an area of your boundary next to your garden patio with Perspex. You can order it with pre-drilled holes so it goes up in seconds. It will create a luxury statement backdrop for any patio space. If you want the space to appear larger, go for a gloss finish. Again, the reflection will double up the space.

Plant it up

Pots are a great way of revitalising tired patio. You need to be bold in your garden patio design. Go for something large (space permitting) as it will not only make a statement but also create structure to the space. If you want to add winter colour, consider going for a fibreglass planter in any colour you like. Remember, The bigger the planter, the less watering and maintenance. Super-sized is key.

Soften it up

Add furniture to your garden patio design for a softer look

To create a really homely inviting space, and soft furnishings, have seating. If you have built-in seating, consider getting positions for all-weather made. Alternatively, throw a rug over a seat and add some scatter cushions. It will be instant luxury and will make the space seem totally inviting.

Clean up your act

Keep your garden patio design clean at all times

It may seem totally obvious, but simply giving the garden a really good clean can transform the space and your patio design. Pressure wash paving or decking to remove all the grime, and then if you have time, reseal paving or boil the decking to instantly breathe new life into it. Wash existing pots and furniture and give any plants a tidy up to make your space seem fresher.

Turn up the heat

Add lights and heat to enhance your garden patio design

If you haven’t already, invest in a patio heater. We recently bought an Indian fireball, which creates central focus on any occasion. There are many options on the market for you to consider but I prefer something that has an open flame. It will really cosy up the space and will unite any gathering.

String up some lights

Lights can jazz up your garden patio design

Who doesn’t love fairy lights? There are so many on the market to choose from. Add some solar lights for instant impact. String them along the fence or over a pergola. You can even put them through planting. It gives a simultaneous effect.

Lay the table well

Lay your patio table as you would your dining table - garden patio design

Lay your patio table like you would your dining room table. Bring out all of your interior crockery and cutlery if you don’t have garden specific ones. I had a tablecloth, candles and even a flower arrangement. It can be created for little money and gives a great look.  Now you should have the ideal garden patio design.

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