Garden rooms – Lamplighter in the garden…

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Garden rooms – Lamplighter in the garden

Garden rooms, the notion of bringing the inside out, is a great theme and very en-vogue at the moment – a garden room is the ultimate ‘must have’ space. It is now possible to find objects for exterior use that reflect most aspects of traditional interior furnishing. From outdoor rugs to illuminated Chesterfield-style sofas, metal wall ornamentation inspired by flocked wallpaper to weatherproof cushions, there isn’t really anything to stop you from completely recreating an interior lounge in your garden.

These ‘Inout’ GR lamps fit right into that theme and offer a practical solution to the problems of garden lighting. Sometimes finding the correct lighting for your garden room can be tricky. Interiors are usually lit from above or from the side, positioning that is difficult to achieve in gardens unless there is a structure on which to fix a light, so this offers a solution which is both practical and aesthetic. Makes it into the perfect garden room. Adding light also extends the usability of the space, lighting from above is always preferable as it is not only the nicest but most effective way of enhancing your space. This is sure to brighten up any garden room.