Screened from View – using garden screens

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Screened from View - using garden screens

Using screens in your garden can be such a useful technique. Not only can it help with privacy issues it also helps break the garden into smaller areas, which is a neat trick to employ if you want create the illusion that your garden is much bigger than it is.

Garden screens can also help to define an area which helps in design to lend weight to certain areas and screen other ugly area such as garden sheds or utility spaces.

These decorative garden screens called ‘Green’ from Dedon are a winner in my book. The designer bills them as able to ‘Create an oasis with this multi-faceted room divider and define private, undisturbed spaces for breezy relaxation. An organic structure, Green could hardly be more natural with its logical and unobtrusive design’.

 You could leave the screen au natural or utilize the ceramic pots to add plants inside the screen. Alternatively, it would look fabulous with a clematis or other climber weaving through it, although I personally would want to retain its aesthetic appeal and not clutter it up with a climber…hmmmm food for thought.