Garden Seating in the Green

Grow a Friendly Space


A great solution for Garden seating is this modern quirky chair by Pawel Krawczugo

I was rummaging around on the net and found this chair by Polish designer Pawel Krawczugo. He has created a variety of chairs and furniture for interior and exterior use, but this one is my particular favourite.

Furniture that integrates with its enviroment opens up a endless possibilities for a designer. These powder coated, welded wire chairs can be places just about anywhere – encourage a few climbing plants to colonise them and you have a quirky living seat that blends in with its surroundings.  This integration with the nature around it would make it work well in either traditional or modern garden design.
I like the idea of creating arcs and circles with this system, and think it would be great if you could turf them. Imagine edging part of a lawn with this product and installing a living turf covering – this would really re-define a shaped lawn (although the maintenance would be a headache!)