Adding a garden showpiece can transform your space from drab to fab! It can really add some garden oomph that allows you to be a little bit daring. A really easy way to achieve this is to add a bespoke item. It can be a total game changer. Simply by adding for example, a laser cut screen to a pergola, especially the roof of the pergola, will create beautiful patterning on the ground. It will be something that your friends and family have never seen before and will certainly give them something to remember. There are so many amazing garden products out there at the moment just by doing an extra bit of research and adding one item that really packs some POW can make all the difference to any space. It could be for example that you add a great piece of sculpture to the space. There are so many different types on the market that really individual taste and style comes into play here. What you do need to be careful of is that you don’t add too much to the space. Too many items commanding attention can actually detract from a show-stopping piece. Use planting wisely and it will really make these showstoppers stand out. Using repetition in the space also helps add drama. A colonnade of trees, a series of planters, a run of pleached trees all of these used en masse can really help to add a designed feel and unique quality to your space. Shop around, be playful, embrace that all-important talking point and your garden will stand head and shoulders above the rest.