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A dose of sensational luxury with this one off garden sofa!

garden design

I am all over a garden sofa. I think in any garden they are a much better choice, if you could only have one or the other, much better than a dining table and chairs.

A one off unique garden sofa

A one off unique garden sofa

Taking it to the next level

I love anything that is a little bit kooky and takes the notion of the inside outside to the next level.I think if you include this in any garden design it would really pack a punch. This quirky, sculptural talking piece is so eye-catching that the rest of the space needn’t to be too decadent. Add scatter cushions, throws or other accessories for pops of colour.

A unique one off

If there was one thing I would like to have in my garden this item. I simply love the industrial nature of the concrete coupled with the timeless classicism of a Chesterfield garden sofa. Highly detailed, this object would look great in any modern garden design. I wonder how comfortable it is to sit on? I guess, as with other sofas, you could add cushions.

Manufacturing a masterpiece

A Mould was taken from a real chesterfield sofa produced by grey concrete. The mould has taken using a fibreglass and the existing conditions when we field using fine to enable them to include “thumbprints” in the final piece. The moulding techniques are used also affected the sofa even looks like it’s made of leather, and there is a 50p piece stuck to the back one of the cushion.