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The garden storage solution for small spaces

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In urban garden designs where space is tight, very often the garden needs to deliver on many levels. The client is after not only an attractive space but also one that serves the practical requirements.

Storage in the garden

Storage is always a very big issue for most garden designers. When you have a small garden, to occupy a lot of the space with a garden shed is often a real sacrifice. The fact that most London houses also have a storage issue on the inside means it is very hard to get away with excluding such a structure from most designs.

Practical and good looking

Garden storage shed

An ingenious way to hide your shed

This hybrid piece of furniture from StudioYak combines a gardening tool cabinet and a planter in one. The designer is Wanchai Preecharpurmprasit, an interior and furniture designer. He came up with the idea to integrate a storage cabinet for housing and gardening equipment in the space of growing plants.

This cabinet is designed for outdoor use but could also be used as an indoor cabinet especially if you were looking to add extra storage as well as the green element to your interior.

My only slight concern that this design is how much the trailing plants would get in the way of the door opening. Also, how much storage is actually available with one of these cabinets, as I know from personal experience, once you have storage space it doesn’t take long for it to be filled.