Garden Structures in the outpost

Grow a Friendly Space

It is a little tricky to know how to describe the Outpost. Even the manufacturers find it difficult to sum it up: ‘A contemporary summer house; an eco-hut; a garden room; a sleepover space; a modern gazebo’. The versatile, open sided timber structure would fit well in most modern, contempory urban garden designs, although it would not look out of place in a more traditional setting. It could be a great talking point in a small garden, although it would work equally well nestled away in woods or a secluded spot of a large country garden. Other uses we can see for the Outpost include a funky smoking shelter or cover for a hot tub spa. In an urban setting, where your garden may be overlooked by neighbouring flats, the structure could provide some welcome privacy.

The Outpost is manufactured by hand in the UK, using responsibly sourced local timber, and can be supplied with an optional living sedum roof. As it is a freestanding structure under 2.5 metres high it does not require planning permission. All that is needed to install is a flat concrete base.

Here’s what the designers have to say for themselves:

“Each Pod is unique and handmade to order, focusing on quality and the very highest standards of craftsmanship.

Environmental issues are very important to us. We are based within the Shropshire countryside and use ecologically friendly, locally sourced FSC timber from well-managed, renewable woodlands.

A beautiful addition to any outdoor environment, from small courtyard to sprawling wood. Whether enjoying an al fresco meal with friends or just unwinding, the Outpost Pod is a fresh, new outdoor space and a superb addition to any garden.”

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