A garden swing to snuggle in…

garden design

I like garden objects that have universal appeal for all ages. A garden can, and should, be a playful place where both kids and adults can escape to on a sunny afternoon, so any product, such as a garden swing,  which combines great design with a childlike quality is always a winner in my mind.

Big kids at heart

We all love a den – even now. That childlike quality of climbing inside a small space and feeling Cacooned never leaves us. there is something very secure and womblike about being enveloped. That notion combined with a gentle rocking is an winner  in any garden. Whether you choose to share a swing or keep it all to yourself the ability to find a quiet corner to yourself in a lovely garden to read and relax is perfection personified in my book.


These nest-like Cacoons do just that. The cosy garden swing is perfect for chilling out or reading a book in – and the double Cacoon would be ideal for snuggling with a loved one. They also come with an optional tripod stand, making them versatile enough to use just about anywhere. And when you add the bug net accessory the Cacoon becomes ideal for alfresco sleeping on balmy summer nights.