Garden walls – How does your London Garden grow?

garden design

Garden walls are much underused. They say that the simplest ideas are the best ones and in this case I can’t help but agree. Anna Garforth takes inspiration from urban to bend nature at will: ‘Moss typography adorns the wall of a secret spot I found in London behind locked gates, a disused plot awaiting the arrival of new flats. I thought I’d sneak in before the small wilderness got bull dozed.’ A great idea for a London Garden Design.

Her installation pieces use a range of materials from moss to cookie dough, rubbish to sticky tape to deliver art pieces across a range of public events. I would love to try and re-create one of her pieces in a garden – it would work beautifully on the wall of a restaurant or courtyard area, however I suspect it is a lot more difficult than it may first appear and may have a limited shelf life.