Designing Gardens for Children: Like a circle in a circle…

garden design

Designing Gardens for Children are design for a children’s garden is always a challenge. To present something that is not only safe but also engaging, something age appropriate but that will remain appealing for a good few years, is not always easy. I struggle with the use of garish plastic play equipment in small gardens, where to hide the yellow and red monstrosity but still keep the children visible from the house is pretty much impossible. So I love it when I find a product that is both stylish and suitable for adults and children.

This sphere segment seating by Indre Anceviciute is just that. Designed primarily for public spaces, the playful, zesty contemporary sculpture doubles as seating. The Public lounge is modular and takes the form of a sphere that can be broken up into 8 identical segments. These segments are ideal as informal perches for adults at a gathering and the kids will have great fun using them as rockers or trying to find ways of combining the segments to produce new shapes. The rounded recliners can be connected in different directions to make single or double seats and when not in use can be re-assembled into a sphere to create an interesting sculpture that is sure to spark a conversation.