In the Shedquarters – Go modular for alternative garden fencing

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Finding alternative garden fencing is always tricky, but this fabulous product allows you to create garden walls, in the same way you would install a new fence. Bingo! When I am designing a lot of London gardens the boundaries are crucial. They are often the biggest surface area of the space and really need to work hard to provide a great backdrop for planting and hard landscaping.

A fabulous alternative to a fence

A fabulous alternative to a fence

Ramp up your boundaries

Get it right, and your garden will have the edge. Get it wrong, and no matter how beautiful your products are with in the garden, the backdrop will let it down. Shiplap fencing never looks good, occasionally you can get away with it if you paint it dark grey, however if you can introduce another more dynamic material you can help give the space the edge.

New kid on the block

This ingenious wall creating system from Modular Walls is long overdue. They have a range of different wall products for different applications. The slim wall is very similar in dimensions and installation to a fence. Perfect if you want to have the walled garden you have dreamt of. It offers a durable and lightweight solution to pep up your perimeters. Priced from £43 per linear metre, it is certainly more expensive than a standard wood fence, but substantially cheaper than building a block wall.

More to it than meets the eye

As well as providing an attractive alternative to fencing, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The slim wall makes a noise barrier that is fully capable of preserving peace and quiet as well as retaining privacy. It punches well above its weight when it comes to its acoustic performance. Perfect for any gardens that are sited next to a busy road, school, or generally in a noisy location

Everything you need it to be

This product, is also capable of handling lighting, different colour paints, or mounted accessories. Perfect if you were trying to streamline your boundary and create unity. These garden walls are a great alternative to fencing.