Garden design hotline #14: A Hackney garden design on the small side

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Earth Designs was contacted by a client who needed a Hackney garden design. They were looking for a concept to complete the renovations on their property. However, the space was tiny, measuring 3m x 6m. Katrina, our senior designer had her work cut out.

A Hackney garden design on the small side

East London garden design

Small and awkward garden

This small garden design would be complex. Not only was the access very difficult being through the house, but also it was bounded on the left-hand side by patio doors. The client wished to pack a lot into the space, but also needed a lot of room for manoeuvre given the exit points from the house.

Mixing up the textures

In order to create many points of interest, Katrina included lots of different textures. She switched it up with wood, stone and pebbles to allow the hard landscaping to do the talking. Simply placing stripes of varying textures across the space takes the pressure off the planting to perform.


Stone and pebbles hackney garden design

An Earth Designs garden using mixed stone and pebble

Integrated seating

Whenever space is tight, Katrina often recommends integrated seating. By adding in a table and two benches, this dictated the dining area. These were to be construct it from concrete gabions, which could then be filled with concrete excavated on site to save on cost and carrying heavy materials through the house.

Up the ante in the boundaries

Whenever you are dealing with a small garden, it is always important to remember that your boundaries often have the biggest surface area of anywhere in the garden. Don’t waste them. Here, Katrina proposed cedar panel fencing to create a sleek and elegant backdrop. By including climbers, some in raised planters, the space could be greened up without taking up huge amounts of precious space.

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