How to take the inside outside. Creating the perfect outdoor room

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Personally I love nothing more than taking influences from the inside outside. Stylish things happen when you try to create an outdoor room. Fascinating juxtapositions of how we perceive outside space to look start to fall. Here we look at seven tips to get you started.

Inside Outside: Tips for the perfect garden room

Big bold with plants

You can use plants beautifully your outdoor room. Keep them simple but big. Make them work hard for the space. Make sure they are evergreen, have interesting leaves, or a great shape. They can be used to divide your Open Plan space into small areas with out erecting walls. They can create zones within the garden and help soften the space. Better in my opinion. Consider the following plans to really sensationalise the space.

  • Tree Ferns
  • Trachcarpus fortunei
  • bamboo
  • silver birch
  • Fatsia Japonica

Make your furniture count.

This is where you can really go to town. Include an integrated seat in the garden. Making deep, and wide. This gives you the opportunity to dress it beautifully. Layer it up with soft furnishings. Add cushions. Then add some more. This is a great opportunity to introduce texture to the space. It will create depth and interest. Add a luxury is frozen fruit instant relaxed look.

Light up

Set the mood with Lighting. This can be your biggest game changer. Add strong spotlights, and pretty fairy lights. Add in a abundance. Remember as well huge array of candles and lanterns at your disposal. Lighting can make or break evening garden. Don’t dismiss it.


It may seem very obvious accessories inside outside garden are essential. Add things to your beds in small groups. Put things on the walls such as mirrors or artwork. Maybe you could add an outdoor rug to the floor. Don’t forget to dress your table. It may sound silly but simply adding a vase of flowers in an otherwise foliage based scheme can really make you feel like the inside outside. Add pattern Where you can in your planters or soft furnishings. These bold touches will really pack a punch and to see you space elevated to the next level.

Make a feature

Think about feature walls that are all the rage on the inside. Try to include one in your outside space. Paint the brick wall dark colour and add accessories. They will pop out. Add something quirky to the space, it will become a talking point.

Statement piece

Go for it. Select something that is super-size. Go large to define the look. Here we used a golden chandelier to really drive home inside outside scene. Fairy lights wound around it, wall train plants were housed in the pot holders. Have some fun, try introducing a new material used in a different way. If your budget allows, get something made. You won’t regret it.

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