Hawaiian Garden Design in Shoeburyness

Grow a Friendly Space


This self facing L shaped plot in Shoeburyness needed softening. Following a trip to Hawaii, the family wanted to bring some of that to their outdoor space. A series of kidney shaped lawns, and curvaceous pass wrapped around the house. A Golden Bridge crossed over a central planting bed accessing the second lawn at the back of the garden. Tropical inspired planting fills the space.


The clients have completed extensive renovations and extensions to this detached property. The garden is a south facing L-shaped plot and is currently a blank canvas. The brief is to create an attractive space when viewed from all the exit points on the house. The client’s have visited and fallen in love with Hawaii, so would like a Hawaiian themed design that incorporates seating plus a large amount of grass.

The new design is based on sinuous curves which wrap around the house. A curved sandstone pathway will run from the kitchen doors along the side of the house and put into the main garden, which will be filled with lawn edged with planting beds. Pleached trees line the boundaries to create with privacy without encroaching into the garden.

At the corner of the house five timber archways of increasing size will fan out over the path as it curves around the house. Scented roses and honeysuckle will be planted at the base of each arch. The patio/pathway will undulate across the front of the house to terminate in a paved circle laid with porcelain slabs outside the lounge doors. This patio will be large enough to accommodate a table and chairs for alfresco dining.

A kidney shaped lawn borders the patio with a large island planting bed in the centre of the garden. A wooden bridge will join the two lawn areas separated by the central planting bed. The planting scheme will feature tropical specimen plants and shrubs feature along with hydrangeas and roses.

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