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This garden design for Hertfordshire allows for a great scope in planting. These clients contacted us as they are both keen gardeners, but were struggling with idea for their outdoor space. A large town garden design was required and they were struggling with how to marry hard and soft landscaping in their scheme.

Earth designs proposes that a decked area leads from the conservatory out into the garden. Large enough accommodate the table and chairs it provides a linear flow from the flooring inside the conservatory and helps to continue the lines from outside in.

The amount of existing lawn is reduced to a large circle of lawn (this was something they requested) and upended railway sleepers and slate edging give clean, easy-mow contemporary borders. Approx 40cm of each railway sleepers will be visible above ground, creating a series of perch seats all the way round the edge of the lawn. The sleeper edging also forms a barrier to prevent their children’s football ending up in the beds (a frequent problem for this couple.) An arched pergola installed around one third of the circular lawn provides further delineation and adds drama and height. Beneath this pergola a curved bench seat will act as a ‘subs’ bench for those all important home football matches and will allow the simply as a garden bench.

A curved self-binding aggregate pathway will traverse the length of the garden, bordered by deep beds to allow for maximum planting. Arching back on itself, it leads to a paved circle patio. This area would be used as a more intimate space, and with the inclusion of a daybed or other items of outdooe furniture it could become a desirable place to relax and escape. Alternatively, budget allowing, a dramatic curved wall could be erected, and painted a bright colour to allow for a dynamic backdrop to the patio as well as the planting bed on the other side. Holes cut within the wall could allow the display of object d’art and other outdoor ephemera – the big block of colour this would offer will provide vital colour in the winter months.

Planting should be big and bold, the deep beds allowing for block planting as well as large shrubs and a wide range of different leaf colour and texture. Being such plant lovers and enjoying gardening so much, I wanted the clients to have the opportunity to really flex their horticultural muscles and experiment with some larger specimens than simple boundary borders would allow.

family garden design
family garden design