It’s getting hot in here….Hot tubs in gardens

garden design

Oh My! Hot tubs in gardens – Sometimes you find things you really want to add to your Christmas list. We love a garden design which includes a hot tub, and yet sometimes they can seem very dull. This is an uber cool solution! The ‘Dutchtub’ by Weltevree delivers portability, funkiness and ease of use in one colourful package. As a family of keen motorhomers (Barry the Bus included) we can see the exciting potential of being able to take your hot tub with you to festivals and campsites. Weltevree have this to say about their creation:

With the Dutchtub you can explore and enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing. This award-winning hot tub is a pure luxury and works surprisingly simple: Wood fired and with a natural circulation. With this smart construction and the sturdy, long-lasting materials you can use the Dutchtub anytime, anywhere… 

The only trouble is deciding what colour to have.