How to add lighting in the garden:

Five top tips to illuminate your outdoor space

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Lighting in a garden can be the vital finishing touch to bring the space to life. Very often we spend more time interacting that goes from the inside out, none more so at night time. Good lighting in the garden also extend the usability of the garden. By illuminating the space, you can up the ante when the sun goes down. Below we give you five top tips for lighting in the garden

Architectural lighting

Lighting along the edge of steps, all lighting the posts the pergola for example are a great way to show off the framework of your garden. It is always worth remembering, that any structures that can have a light fitting mounted onto them such as a purple, shape, golden office or even the house are fantastic as they are allow pools of light to target areas of the garden. Consider how well lighting works when things are back late. Things such as Perspex, or stainless steel mesh diffuser light beautifully, creating a magical feel any more space.

How to add lighting in the garden

Including features in the garden that will create a diffused light such as Perspex can really make a difference.


If you have trees in your garden, nothing looks more magical than beams of light lighting the underside of foliage or the trunk (particularly if the park is interesting). Use lighting to defuse through planting and cast shadows on vertical surfaces. A Single spotlight can make the garden come alive at night. Spotlight angled from the base of plants will conceal the light source and avoid glare.

How to add lighting in the garden

A well lit tree can create huge drama in the garden

Accent lighting

Using pots or ornaments is a great way to direct light. Position in the light of the base of a planter, or Angling a light on the sculpture, creates planes of light. When spotlit, this accent lighting in the garden, can create a spell showstopper, it helps direct attention towards focal points in the space.

How to add lighting in the garden

Accent lighting, such as eliminating pots helps to bring the features alive at night

Natural light

Not to be underestimated, but always remember light in the garden is also present during the day. Depending on the aspect of your space, some really interesting shadows can be cast, particularly dramatic if you have a very architectural garden design. Think about how a silhouette of an architectural plant would look against a rendered wall. Consider, for example, natural sunlight on metal, what a body of water might reflect, How does the shiny surface interact with its environment. All of these really upped the ante in any lighting scheme.

How to add lighting in the garden

Some great reflections are cast on this high-gloss black Perspex


Not to be underestimated, lighting in the garden also include naked flames. Don’t forget, that open fire creates the most wonderfully woman light. T lights, storm lanterns and candles are fairly unbeatable around any entertaining area.

Lights with personality

Sometimes, it is great to include lights on your screen that warrant their own place. These polyurethane spheres were part of a grouping pattern that appeared throughout the garden. Fairy lights, create a real medical field any space, and can be draped over pergolas, through trees or across the garden itself.

This quirky Moosehead created a real illuminated talking point

This quirky moose head created a real illuminated talking point