How to create the perfect outdoor garden room.

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Many people strive to create the perfect outdoor garden room. The feeling of the “inside outside” is one, that I believe has childlike qualities about it. We all still like den building. It brings out the child in us. That ‘womb like’ feeling of safety. To take the components of an inside space and bring them outside creates magic. To have a lounge without a ceiling, that is open to the elements provides an exciting, enchanting space. Here we look at six pointers to get you started on that ideal garden room.

6 easy steps for creating the perfect outdoor garden room

How to create the perfect outdoor garden room.

Wrap it around

First and foremost, it seems obvious, but set aside an area that is enclosed. Make some walls. Give it a roof if necessary, it could be the shade sail, climbing plant or partially cover it with timber. Once you get the feeling of enclosure, intimacy will prevail and give you that sanctuary you are striving to create. Suddenly your outdoor room is created and from here on in you just need to decide how you will add your personality.

Light it up

Many people overlook garden lighting. It can set the mood. More importantly, it is probably the single biggest thing you can do in the garden. It will increase the usability of the space into the night. It will lengthen the time of year that you can use the garden. On an aesthetic level, it will determine how you interact with your garden from the inside at night time. Try and find opportunities to light from the side, or above, just as you would your interior. Think how many lights you need, and then double it. Have them put on different circuits to create different atmospheres. Choose to highlight specific features. Use a variety of lighting, everything from candles to spotlights. The results will be sensational.

Make it warm

Nobody wants to sit in a cold space. Whether you choose infrared heaters, gas furnace for a plain old fire (my personal favourite) consider how you are going to keep people cosy. Adding a heat source to the space will extend how long you can use the garden. In order to create your own outdoor garden room, it is essential to go to town with heat.

Soften the space

Treat all furniture outside as you would inside. Make it inviting, and cushions. Lots of them. Take the opportunity to introduce different textures as a consequence the space will gain depth and layers. This is a great way to introduce different colours as well. One year you may wish to have hot and spicy colours with a Moroccan influence. The next year, cool blues might be your thing. By dressing your furniture you will make a space cosy and inviting.

Play with texture

If you want to add depth of interest, add texture. Mix it up. The rough with this move, hard and soft. Whether to meet is where the drama sits. Push the boundaries, include things you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere outside. Use your outdoor garden room to be playful. Natural textures such as rocks and pebbles will create warmth and ground space, while high-gloss finishes such as glazed pots create a bold statement. Plants will also introduce texture to the space. Ferns and blossoms will provide the softness and give The illusion offilling the space. For something a bit heavier try hydrangeas, magnolias and hostas.

Over accessorise

Very often having too many knickknacks and crowd out and interior space. In the garden put things into themes, or small groupings for them to really pack a punch. Because the space is so much larger, you can use accessories to create within the space. Repeat them at various intervals round the garden. I had literally is small groups or groups of three is in a straight line. Mix up the styles, swap them around.