Ideas for a Children’s Garden: The Ultimate Playhouse…

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If money is no object and you have the space, then these structures from Flights of Fantasy take some beating. The stuff of dreams as a child, these structures are the sort of toy that as a child you gaze longingly at in somewhere like Hamleys.

However, they are not for the financial faint hearted. The Tudor Mansion, the company’s signature house that prompted the formation of the company, is a snip at £20,000. The original  now resides in North London, bought by a client with a love of family heirlooms. The cottage has been exhibited at Chelsea and other RHS flower shows over the years. A delight for adults as well as children they are exquisitely made and can be fitted with kitchens, beds and other accessories.

If the Tudor style is not your taste, you could consider the medieval castle which can be supplied with swings, garrets, rope ladders and all manner of play accessories. Slightly cheaper with prices starting from £11,500, these play structures would make a great focal point for any garden. They may also be something to consider if you are the owner of a commercial venture such as hotel or pub, and want to families to your establishment.

No matter how old you are you can’t fail to find these building enchanting and I guarantee  they will capture your imagination.

‘The sensational children’s playhouses are a delight for children and adults alike. They are full of character giving children a wonderful setting in which their creativity and imagination can flourish. The playhouses are available as single or two storey houses in a variety of styles and sizes. We can design a playhouse in the style of your home, or we can replicate a previous design. Options for the playhouses include insulation, heating, electricity and matching fitted furniture (for example, kitchens, beds, wardrobes etc.). You can also include fun elements such as slides, climbing nets, climbing walls and swings. All playhouses and play equipment are made to order and finished to your individual specification’ Flights of Fantasy Website